2013 Wakeskater of the Year: Andrew Pastura


He might not win any wet T-shirt contests, but Andrew Pastura has been flashing giant results on The Wakeskate Tour since it started.   Photo: Cortese

For the past few years Andrew Pastura has been the silent assassin of wakeskating – killing it and dominating the sport in only a way he can. His name has become not only synonymous with a legit skate-style influence on the water, but with winning contests in the most epic of fashions too. There is a reason he is the 2x defending Wakeskate Tour overall champion. While his recent accolades on the Wakeskate Tour don’t necessarily show it, Andrew is gifted no matter where he’s riding his wakeskate, be it on a boat, at the cable park, in a ditch, or his own backyard. The best part about Andrew might just be his attitude and approach to the sport as a whole though. Pastura’s easy-going, soft-spoken nature mean he’s not one to say much or ruffle any feathers – he lets his riding talk for itself. When you’re as good as he is, that’s all you need. As wakeskating continues to grow and establish itself, it will surely be following closely behind the path Andrew has been blazing for a few years, and we firmly believe that path is a solid one.


Making it rain at Retention.   Photo: Cortese