Wow, 2020 isn’t really off to the best start, is it? With the coronavirus causing normal life to grind to a halt, everyone (us included) is stuck inside trying to figure out what to do with their time. Well, we here at Alliance want to help ease the pain a bit and give you something to watch while you’re sitting on the couch. Introducing “Alliance Wake TV”! We dug through our files and found some full lengths just for you. If we find more, you better believe we’ll post them up! Enjoy some classic wake films and stay strong during these weird times! Don’t worry, the lake will still be there when the quarantine is over!

PRE POP (2004)

Shining a new light on how wakeboarding is filmed and looked at, the Attention Deficit crew and Alliance Visual Experiences really broke the mold with this video. With some of the heaviest hitters wakeboarding has ever seen, Pre Pop blended action and art that hadn’t been seen prior to its release. From Danny’s technical prowess to Murray’s boosting, this video is still talked about today for good reason.

Riders: Chad Sharpe, Shaun Murray, Danny Harf, Shane Bonifay, Danny Hampson, & more


Hyperlite’s REWRITTEN truly changed the way we look at full-length team films. Broken into parts that show the true personality and team camaraderie of all the riders, this video quite literally “rewrote” the formula for team videos. Not to mention that the opening sequence is about as cool as it gets…

Riders: Rusty Malinoski , Shaun Murray, JD Webb, Jimmy LaRiche, Erik Ruck, Mike Schwenne, Brandon Thomas, Chris O’Shea, Brian Grubb, Josh Palma, Kyle Alberts, & Jacob Valdez


Three weeks, three trucks, and five riders from Orlando to San Diego. What could be better? Road trips are always a good decision.

Riders: Danny Harf, Collin Wright, Aaron Reed, George Daniels, & Ben Greenwood


Chase Heavener saw things a bit differently when it came to wakeboard videos and Invisible Cinema proves it. A solid combo of imagination, good editing, and even better riding is what makes up this gem. This is nothing but classic wake at its finest. 

Riders: Keith Lyman, Erik Ruck, Shawn Watson, Aaron Reed, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb, & Shaun Murray

1FIFTY1 (2006)

Released in conjunction with Alliance UK, 1FIFTY1 features the UK’s best shredding all over. 

Riders: Ben Hitch, Craig McCulloch, Dan Nott, James Young, Jonty Green, Marc Rossiter, Nick Davies, & Christian Thom