To send or not to send, that is the question… (photo: Mathis)


Do: Cut out wide and take a progressive edge into the wake whether you’re taking this trick huge or wake-to-wake. Hold the edge all the way through the top so you can boost!

Don’t: Start your edge hard and lose speed up the wake or flatten off at the top of the wake.

Take Off

Do: Keep the handle in tight and push off the peak of the wake. If you let the handle out, it’ll throw your body all out of whack.  

Don’t: Push off the wake too early. Trying to pop too early will kill your momentum and you’ll probably case the other wake.

Getting The Grab

Do: Bring your legs up and reach down to grab the board. If you get good pop off the wake then the board will come right up to you. Make sure you give it a good poke once you’re up there.

Don’t: Straighten your legs and bend over for the grab. It won’t be easy and it won’t look good either…


Do: Pull the rope to your back hip to initiate the 180, and make sure to spot your landing. You are going to want to get your chest over your toes so you are edging away from the boat once you land.

Don’t: Land on your heels. This will cause you to skid out on your butt and give you a nice water enema.

Set Up

Boat: Malibu M235
Ballast: Stock with 650 lb., 8.3 Plug n’ Play bags
Speed: 22.8 mph
Lake: Clear Lake
Crew: Tony Carroll, Bryson Hancock
Tunes: Tom Petty Pandora station