There’s definitely more sunset shoot in Bryson’s future (photo: Worrall)

Name: Bryson Hancock
Birthday: June 9, 1999
Riding Stance: Goofy
Preferred Pull: boat
Years riding: 13 years
Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA

Alliance: When did you start riding and how did you get into it?

Bryson: I grew up in Discovery Bay and was always on the water. My love for wakeboarding started when I was six years old and my neighbor had a Sea-Doo and a wakeboard that was way too big for me. I just had to give it a go and haven’t stopped since!

A: What’s a typical day for you? We know it’s more than just eat, ride, sleep, and repeat.

B: Besides wakeboarding, my days usually consist of going to class at UCF, loads of homework (I’m starting to think math is my thing), a gym sesh, and then I like to top it all off by cooking some new recipe from the Food Network for dinner.

A: Are you living in Orlando full time? Who are your roommates and what lake do you stay on? If not, when do you pack up and head back home?

B: Currently, I live in Orlando part-time where I room with Clayton Holladay. We don’t currently live on a lake but end up on either Conway, Jessamine, or Clear Lake most days. I usually pack up my things and head back to Cali after the end of Spring semester and come back before Fall term starts back up! The summers in Cali are unreal on the Delta so I can’t miss it.

A: Do you have any big plans for the upcoming 2019 season? Contests? Travel?

B: I definitely have big plans for 2019. I want to make a full edit and I’m always trying to expand my bag of tricks. For this year, I also plan on trying out for the Pro Tour and attending the Nautique Series stops. Sometime in between all of that, I am going to plan a trip to Italy and possibly Germany to do a little sightseeing.

A: What rider (or riders) do you look at for inspiration? Do you look at other board sports as well?

B: I feel that I look at everyone’s riding for inspiration because everyone has their own unique twist on things and I’m always looking for inspiration to incorporate into my own riding.

A: Who’s your usual crew that you get out with?

B: I usually end up on Clear Lake with Tony Carroll, Clayton Holladay, and anyone else down to shred that day!

A: What’s going through your head when you’re trying a new trick?

B: When I’m trying a new trick, I try to visualize myself landing it and then break it down from there one step at a time.

A: What’s something that not many people know about you?

B: Hmmm, one thing is that I’m not too shabby on the piano and I’m also an above average bowler. Challenges always accepted!

A: Do you have any weird pre-ride rituals that you just have to do before strapping in?

B: You can usually catch me doing some funky stretches on the boat or getting the blood flowing with a little dancing on the swim platform, but nothing too nuts.

A: What keeps you motivated to push yourself?

B: My main motivation is to just be the best wakeboarder I can be and to tackle new challenges every day. I also try to live my life by this saying from Talladega Nights, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

A: Who are some of your favorite riders out there now? Boat and cable.

B: Definitely would have to say Trever Maur for always changing up the game, Mike Dowdy for being an absolute machine, Guenther Oka for killing every aspect of riding, and Tony Carroll for being able to put down a contest run in really any condition.

A: If you’ve got some shout outs, now is the time!

B:  First, a big shout out to my parents for all the support, The Fletchers, Connelly for keeping me riding my best, Jetty Co. for supplying amazing clothing, and everyone in Orlando for giving me a pull!