Speed blur (photo: Mathis)

Alliance: What’s up Sean? Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you are from and what got you here?

Sean: Hey guys! I’m 29 years of age, born and raised in Orlando, FL. I started flowboarding when I was 18. I moved to San Diego for it and met two guys from Boarders Mag (Sean Reavis/Danny Braught), who encouraged me to try wakesurfing competitively. I moved back to Orlando two years ago and met “Tarzan” (aka Bradley) who runs a top-tier wakesurfing school called Wakesurf Orlando. He sponsored me, helped me get on Phase Five, and trained me for a year straight. Now, as we go into 2019, I’m ranked number one in the world and won overall on the Pro Tour in 2018. I’m so beyond stoked at where I am today. I could not have done it without those three dudes and I thank them everyday for it. We aren’t done yet!

A: What are your main motivations in wakesurfing?

S: My main motivation at the moment is to win a world title. I really want to be a multi-sport world champion!

A: You took 1st place overall on the Pro Wakesurf Tour last year. What are a few of your long term goals in wakesurfing?

S: Some of my long-term goals are getting my own boat, winning the world championship, and doing something crazy enough to catch everyone’s attention.

All smiles (photo: Mathis)

A: What events do you really like and see yourself doing this year?

S: PWT is my favorite tour, I plan on being at every stop this year. CWSA has some pretty awesome events for this year as well so hopefully I will make it to most of the higher-level ones.

A: You have been riding the Phase 5 Matrix, which seems to suit you well. Is there a Sean Silveira Pro Model in the works?

S: No pro model at the moment but there might be a limited edition Matrix on the table. Don’t quote me on that though!

A: How long have you been a part of the Supra Boats team? Tell us a little bit about your boat setup.

S: I recently signed with Supra Boats this year and I am so pumped to be on their team. I do not have a boat at the moment, but I plan on working my butt off this year and hopefully getting one next year. Crossing my fingers!

A: Do you currently do any training for wakesurfing? What do you like or dislike about training?

That interior though (photo: Mathis)

S: Yeah, you’ve got to train to keep your riding in shape! I try to ride 6 hours a week at least and I plan on getting in the gym a lot starting in March too. I’m also moving out to Lake Minneola soon and I’m excited for the motivation that it will bring into my life.

A: Of all the sports you do, does one take a higher priority than all of the others?

S: I don’t think one takes a higher priority. I really like any sport that involves a board. If you asked me to choose, I would choose ocean surfing as my go-to.

A: It seems like the transition to wakesurfing came fairly natural to you. Were there any hurdles you had to overcome?

S: Yes, I would say trick-wise flowboarding and wakesurfing are very similar. The hurdle that I had to overcome was landing all the tricks. The actual transitions of the waves are so different compared to the Flowrider and getting the weight distribution right on the landings was very difficult. Once I figured that out then everything got easier and easier. Boat time was the thing I was missing.

A: What advice would you give to someone eager to compete in wakesurfing and one day land at the top of the podium?

S: Practice, practice and practice some more! That’s what it takes to get on the top of the podium. Set GOALS for yourself and make that your motivation and then go RIDE as much as you can to achieve those GOALS. Never give up!

Sponsors: Phase Five Wakesurfers, Supra, Marine Products, and Wakesurf Orlando

One footer alley-oop (photo: Mathis)