A scenic view and a scenic back noseblunt courtesy of Jan Gnerlich (photo: Lehnert)

Jamie Neville: Australian for style (photo: ArlingtonLane)

Derek Cook unwinding in his backyard (photo: Mathis)

The lake lion, aka Mizuki Takahashi, on the prowl (photo: O’Brien)

Jeff Langley racing the sun (photo: O’Brien)

Pop, grab, kick, repeat. Meagan Ethell with a mean stalefishy. (photo: Mathis)

Not just a camera guy, Matty Mulholland’s got some steez, too (photo: Lehnert)

Photoshoot Pro Tip: Always poke your grabs. Example: Luca Kidd (photo: Donoso)

Matteus Luckmann staying warm (photo: Barcia)

How are those legs feeling Mauri Marassi? (photo: Orlando)

Corner cuts with Max van Helvoort (photo: Soden)

Mitch Wise getting some frequent flyer miles in the US (photo: Shrimpton)

Kids these days just can’t keep both their feet in the bindings. What’s up with that Cameron Nemeth? (photo: Simmons)

Silent but deadly — Andy Kolb taking the high road (photo: Suess)

Parker Siegele putting those long arms to use (photo: Mathis)