So the truth has been told coming from some of our best riders the Wakecraft was a phenomenal boat with an awesome wake! Not only was the boat incredible so were James and Shalmarie who provided us with the Wakecraft. They generously gave out free cozies and beach balls to everyone that attended the event. There generosity didn’t stop there. Every rider received a free T-shirt and the 1st place winner of every division either received a CWB Lifejacket, Slingshot bag, or a Straight Line Handle! We are glad to have Wakecraft join our team here at the AWA!!!
The Wakecraft was phenomenal, the temperature was perfect, however the wind was not! The water was rough but that didn’t stop our groms from riding. I think they had the worst of the wind, never the less they had great rides! We would like to welcome our youngest member A.J. Capuzzo who is only 6 years old! Way to go A.J. look out Outlaws!
Thanks to our sponsor Red Bull nobody had to go thirst as they gave away Red Bull to anyone who wanted it. Also Big thanks to Chris Levandowski and Steve Overman who provided everyone with free hamburgers and hot dogs! This year we also have some new volunteers that did a great job Vanessa who helped on the dock, Mike who helped MC and Joel who drove! Thanks to all the returning volunteers also especially CC who heads everything up.
Finally congrats to all of our winners who walked away with some “SWEET” prizes thanks to Wakecraft, No Fear and Boat Bling!

Glen Coy
Blaine Coury
Chris Levandowski

Maddy Estrada
Ethan McGuire
Sebastian Bowen

Brian Price
Austin Uecker
Isaac Gonzales

Glen Coy
Clarke Bowers
Eric Oleson

Michael Niemiec
Matt Marquette
Mickey Hernandez

Ira Cornelius
Travis Sitzberger
Matt Bermudez

Brittany Schroeder
Ramie Sander
Christine Cameron

The AWA has some new sponsors along with our tried and true sponsors so please take the time to check out there websites they have some AWESOME products and services!!!!