King of the Power Turn…


It’s not often that we get top level pro surfers rolling through the Orlando area, but if they also happen to be touring the country / world playing the guitar, chances begin to increase. Luckily I was able to get in touch with Donavon last week (thanks to Greg from Drive Through) as he came through town on tour and it turned out he and the band had some daylight to kill before playing a show two nights ago at the Plaza Theatre. Surf conditions that day were glassy with a constant waist to chest, and the boat was loaded with Donavon’s crew of 7 plus myself, Bob Soven, Shawn Watson (and Chyna), and Tony Smith aka Boner. Oh yeah, we also had about 5 surfboards, a 7 foot long inflatable hot dog, and the O’Brien thingy for kids with the handle and tow loop. Despite the hefty load, the Nautique threw out an epic right and left (for the goofy footers), and we were underway in a full rip session. Donavon rode first hanging 5, busting up the lip and shooting the barrel with his contour cams, and then passed the handle off to the rest of the crew to give it a whirl. Everyone got a solid ride in and before we knew it the guys were all craving a hot dog: A 7 foot loooooooooonnng hot dog. This is when things got really awesome. Thanks to Donavon and the rest of the crew for inviting us all out that night and putting on one hell of a show. If you haven’t heard Donavon’s latest album Glow, check it out here.


Old School Moves.

New School Moves.

Eric the Keyboarder…

Donavon made sure everyone got a turn, whether they liked it or not. Ha. Here’s his stage manager ripping.

Pretty sure he lost $100 on this.

This is when things started to get a little weird; 3 dudes one hot dog shaped tube.

Celebrating a successful transfer onto the hot digity dog.

The crew plus a few.

all pics courtesy of  Hack