Photos & Words: Matty Mulholland

The development of full-sized wake parks in the USA has happened gradually over the last decade. There are many reasons why the U.S. isn’t quite on the level of our European counterparts just yet, acquisition of permits being a big one. So sometimes it’s good to start small and work your way up. That is exactly what owner Daniel Jarrett of West Rock Wake Park did. Starting straight from the ground up two years ago, West Rock installed two Sesitec System 2.0s and a handful of UNIT Parktech features. Then, in 2017, West Rock did what every 2.0 owner dreams of doing; expanding their cable into a full-sized system and upgrading their setup. West Rock not only expanded to a full-sized cable but also, in development with UNIT, created their own custom features. With a lot of discussion with the sport’s best cable riders, owners, and countless hours with the UNIT staff, Jarrett designed a great park to compliment his new cable.

At West Rock, there are features for beginners all the way up to features that Felix Georgii can’t stop raving about and getting creative on. This park offers so many options for hacking the UNIT features you would not be able to make all the combinations and lines in one season. From Raph Derome’s second Signature Series features, the classic Pipe, Inclines, Pyramid series, Rooftop Box, Transition Rail, S,M,XL Kickers, and grom/beginner rails, they got all the good stuff. Daniel understands that some of the most fun features are not always the biggest, and you need to try to make if fun for every rider.

But it’s more than just features that make a park. The hospitality and vibes at West Rock are top notch as well. Each one of Daniel’s staff loves to work at the park and they all love to ride. The local businesses and municipality have also embraced what Daniel is developing and welcome wakeboarders with open arms. With the support from the community, the area surrounding the park has been enhanced significantly. It’s a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and enjoy riding in a true community environment. Daniel is not trying to develop something that’s corporate or excessive; a park like his is only created when you have a passion for what you do, original creativity, and the drive to get it done right.

“It’s a jibber’s heaven. So many rad features. The vibe at the park is all time. One of the few parks you can spend the whole day at and never be bored. Another big plus of West Rock is the the city of Rockford. It’s an awesome city with lots of rad bars and restaurants to hang out at. Dan knows pretty much everyone in the city and has got mad hook ups. All in all it’s just a really good place to go ride and have a good time.” – Dylan Miller

“I can’t really tell what makes it, but everything just felt good. The vibe at the cable is great, and it being located in a public park gives it a chill atmosphere. The setup is awesome because finally somebody put a lot of thought into it themselves and didn’t just purchase features randomly out of the catalogue. All the hacks you can make out of their setup are just perfect! Nothing is too big so you can combine any features together.” – Felix Georgii

“What Dan and West Rock are doing for the community of Rockford is really incredible. The park has been unifying a city, once divided by a river, through building a community around wakeboarding. It’s really encouraging to see wakeboarding being used to make an impact in bigger ways.” – John Dreiling