Check it out boys and girls, issue 7.7 is out this week! Freak out! Chocolate covered dance moves!  

Here’s what you can expect to see while flipping the pages:

– 20 questions with Melissa Marquardt (pronounced “Mar-quit”): Find out how to avoid getting your ass kicked and why there’s no place she would rather be than Candyland while listening to Mandy Moore’s first big hit titled “Candy”. You can also get some tips on how to score a date with this diva, just be aware that most of her guy friends are the best wakeboaders in the world, so that story about the time you got up fakie won’t necessarily win her over.

– Photo Essay by the “Care Bear,” Bryan Soderlind. Bryan apparently doesn’t know about portable hard drives, so if you know him, buy him one for his birthday! You can find out what bugs him about our Big Heads pages, and why he’s one of the few photographers who uses this stuff called film. Anyone heard of it?

– Five Days of Transgression: Take a trip to the Dominican Republic with the Gator Boards team as they film their latest video, Transgression. You may find out that there’s a 20-dollar cover charge to enter the DR, and Garrett might give you a history lesson on the Dominican.

P.S. Randall Harris was there so you’re definitely going to want to check it out.

– The Tairua Pipe Masters: Get an inside look at this one of a kind rail tournament held in New Zealand. With the tides rolling in and out, there’s no telling how this thing went down. Wondering why it’s titled the Pipe Masters? Maybe it’s because the rails were made with pipes, or maybe they were just hitting rails inside the barrels of waves? There’s only one way to find out …

– The Toe Jam 2007: The Toe Jam Stop One was swamped with young guns packing an arsenal of moves, and the big boys were shaking in their shoes. With guys like Nick Taylor, Reed Hanson and Brian Grubb pulling off some flawless moves, the Toe Jam is hands down the most progressive wakeskate contest year-after-year.