Our last part of our trip was spent somewhere very warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called the Gold Coast. By the time we arrived, we were pretty beat up and haggard from trying to keep up with the Ausi sheila’s and surfies. All of us girls had cut up our feet from oysters (which we were unaware that we should have had a few stitches put in), scratches everywhere, and approximately 30 mozzy bites. Our fun was definitely starting to take a toll on us, but couldn’t stop us from more fun times, until we had to compete. Ha ha, we love it.

Haley smith won the last stop finishing first in the Australian Pro Tour. Harley Clifford won the Men’s pro tour title. Congratulations Haley and Harley!!! LF rules! After the contests we had free time to ride with the locals, and hang out at the beach. One day while hiking down a hill to check out a potential spot to shred, Shelby started yelling, ” ewe, gross, ewe”. I looked down and there was a dead wallaby flattened like a pancake. I had walked over it like a rug, obliviously. Although we felt guilty for disrespecting Australia’s wallaby, we didn’t feel as bad after going to the gift shops and observing all the souvenirs made out of their country’s animals. There was kangaroo and wallaby jerky, kangaroo hands for back scratches, and everything you can think of made from these cute, furry little creatures.

Our trip has been full of excitement, danger, and surprises. We had a fantastic trip while working hard, and mixing in some fun on the way. We would like to thank a few peeps for everything along the way, Amber Wing and her family, Mick Neville, Aaron Grace, Don Wallace, Matt Gleason, Tony Finn, Kevin Klein, and everyone at Liquid Force, Demi, and everyone for organizing and supporting the Australian pro tour, and all the riders in Australia for keepin it real.