Aussi Adventure part 1

G’day Mate’.  Shelby, Amber, and I are here in the beautiful outback representing Liquid Force for the next 4 weeks.  Amber has been an awesome coach and chaperon, making sure we are kept in shape and our heads on straight.  We have been heaps busy, but still have managed to find time in our busy schedule to hang out with the local animals and shred some waves.  There are more Sheilas wakeboarding every year down unda.  We recently did a clinic called  “Chix day out” in Sydney.  There was a great turnout and everyone had a blast.  Since we have been here we have unknowingly swam in shark and jellyfish danger zones, winched in polluted/ hazardous areas, and wakeboarded in unknown waters.  Luck has been by our side so far. For our last day in Sydney, we took the ferry to downtown near the Opera House and had a rip snorter of a good time. The rest of our trip we will be adventuring north through the outback of OZ and camping along the coast to find different amazing spots to ride.  Hooroo!