Our industry’s very own Adam McCall, from Axis Wake Research, has found himself in the middle of a global catfight due to his recent position as one of America’s Hottest Bachelors, so named by Cosmo Magazine this week. We’ve reported on Adam in the past as having a wide variety of experience and bringing the industry a unique mix of physics, engineering, and passion for wakeboarding. However, we dug deep on this one to bring you an inside look at the man not the myth…

Alliance – So Cosmo eh? Wow, they’re like a magazine or something?
Adam – oh yeah, I’ve canceled all my subscriptions to US Weekly, People, and Southern Living…it’s Cosmo all the way from here on, and Alliance.

Alliance – So whatever possessed you to do this????
Adam –Ya know guys we’ve come a long way with men now in the flag corps, baton twirling, maybe even a play or two…so pageantry is really just the next logical step for men across America

Alliance – so this is a pageant

Adam – well, what the heck else would we call it? It sure ain’t a monster truck rally. I think it’s time the men take back the beauty pageant.

Alliance – so if we vote for you, and you win, then you get like $10G’s or something right?
Adam – I’ve already banked on that 10G’s boys…the guys are coming to dig the pool tomorrow.

Alliance – You seem really confident. Why should we vote for you?
Adam – Because I can promise each and every one of you out there that I hate Bin Laden worse than any of these other dudes in the contest. It’s that simple.

Alliance – ok, well do you want to give a shout out to anyone for this event?

Adam – yeah I’d like to thank my hair stylist Keith, my tanning coordinator Matt, my fitness consigliore Randall, and my dietician Spence for all the hard work they’ve put into making me gorgeous. I was already like 99% there but they really took me right over the edge.