Back To School
            It’s that time of year when pretty much everyone is back in school.  For most, this means the death of summer fun.  Despite all of the negative connotations associated with the word “school,” there are a few good things about starting the fall semester.  Some of these positives include exciting new classes (well…maybe), new girls, beautiful fall weather, girls, on campus dining (for me it’s Panda Express), girls, and wakeboarding.  Wakeboarding and school in the same sentence?  How could this be?  Well, chances are that if you are attending a four year university, you have a wakeboard team/club that is waiting for you to join.
            I am in my third year at California State University of Long Beach, and have been aware of their wakeboard program for some time now.  However, something has always prevented me from attending their weekly gatherings.  This week I was determined to head down and check out the scene…and maybe the girls too.  The CSULB team has a pretty nice setup going.  Every Friday, they gather at the former home of wakeboarding in the X Games, Marine Stadium.  Within five minutes of introducing myself to everyone, I had felt like I’d known them for years.  When you’re not behind the boat putting a knife through the butter, you’re on the beach listening to music and playing horseshoes.  It quickly became evident to me that these kids look at the club as not only a way to wakeboard, but an opportunity to unwind from the previous weeks exams.  Oh yeah, did I mention wakeboarding legends Nick and Julz Heaney come out every Friday to hang out?  Well, they do.
            Now that you are approaching the end of my rant, it is time for you to head to your college’s, or even high school’s, website and see if they offer a way to make school more enjoyable.  If not, take it upon yourself to start a club.  Special thanks to Chris, Brian, Lindsay, and the entire Long Beach State wakeboard club for starting my day off right.  Oh, and on a final note, stay in school kids.  No matter what you have heard, school’s not for fools.