With Surf Expo last weekend and Toe Jam starting today, I haven't had time to check the chat rooms, so I'm not sure if you know that Parks Bonifay blew out his knee last weekend. And not the knee he just took a year rehabbing, this was his good knee. It was a really dark day for everyone, probably the darkest I've ever collectively experienced with the wake community in Orlando. After all he was just getting back in the swing of things and had a crowning moment in May when he won the Carnival. But the good news is that he's already on the road to recovery. He must have the Batphone connected to his othropedic surgeon, because he already has had reconstructive surgery on his ACL and MCL, a mere 4 days after the fall off a pool gap rail at the OWC. He's currently recovering in San Jose at Fox team manager Todd Hicks' house, and obviously he's going to be off the water for a while, but there's no doubt that if he came back from the last one that this one will be easy. Good luck P.B., keep your head up and we'll all be pulling for ya.'