Ballin ant easy!

Ballin on a Budget: Becoming a Pro

One might think it’s expensive and even hard to become a pro. Watching videos of top pros you are left with the idea that you could never make it. You don’t own a boat so you automatically think it’s impossible to be a pro right? You have no idea how to do a whirlybird either. Here are a couple simple steps to becoming a pro on a budget and looking like a baller while doing it.

Ballin on the Internet:

Fan Page is mandatory: Create a fan page and list achievements like winning an International Federation of Wakeboarding World Title. No one has any idea what the IFW is so they wont question it.  Never ask people to be a fan. Put in your info that you don’t care if people “fan” you.

Twitter Game: Start a twitter immediately. Follow no one. Send @ messages at other top pros and hope to get some RT or mentions by big time pros to gain followers.

Start a Blog:  Buy a cheap non-HD camera. Film yourself riding and only do tricks that you can grab. The quality will be terrible but call it artsy. Anyone can film a High Def video.

Ballin around town:

Your Whip: People are not going to think you’re a pro if your driving around in your mom’s mini van so go on craigslist and buy the biggest truck you can find.

Your Clothes: ROSS…. Affordable and Fashionable!

Local Cable Park: Go to the local cable park and tell them your looking for a park sponsor. You’re looking to ride really hard and train. Tell them you will talk to the local kids in line and when your not riding you will sign autographs.

Local Lake: On your now huge fan page, tell people you are looking to do clinics. Your now fooled fans will believe you’re a pro so they’re going to pay top dollar to attend your clinic. Make sure you never ride at these clinics because people might figure out your not that good.

Local Shop: Roll up in the shop with your baller whip, your baller clothes and tell them your looking for a shop sponsor. Don’t be afraid to brag about your facebook and twitter followers. Twitter follower fans easily deceive people, they have no idea how many is a lot.

Getting Sponsors: If you have done everything I talked about above then getting sponsors at this point is easy. Send your resume around to all your favorite brands. Make sure you tell them about your 20,000 followers and how many fans you have on facebook. They wont even ask to see you ride after seeing the amount of twitter followers you have.