The crew at Valdosta has made some noise this year, as evidenced through The Coalition video series and a bunch of shots in the Photo Annual issue this year. Valdosta has endless shooting possibilities and the guys are always up to build something for a photo shoot. Quinn Silvernale had positioned this massive container over a land gap at the park just to shoot on. Gapping to 50/50 the wall is not something he wanted to do to many times because the run up to get to it was fast so we only had a couple chances to get the shot. We both knew we wanted a lower angle from the front of it since Quinn would be coming at me in that direction. It took us about five tries to get the shot we wanted. I had two AlienBee 1600 strobes set up on either side of the container.  The reason for placing one on the opposite side where the light wouldn’t even hit Quinn was to get a nice rim light on the container and separate it from the background and give the container some depth. I used the Canon 11-24 F/4L wide angle lens at 11mm. The advantage to shooting this with a wide angle rather than fisheye is it wouldn’t distort the container. Fisheye lenses have that infamous distortion that makes straight edges/lines look round, which can throw off the natural balance of a photo sometimes. Shooting with flash you only have one chance per trick to get the shot, so making sure Quinn was far enough on the container was important. The other thing we had to watch out for was making sure the handle wasn’t in his face when I shot the trick. Ultimately we got this shot and were stoked to have it in the Photo Annual.

Camera Settings:
ISO: 200
Shutter: 1/1600th
F-Stop: F/4
Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV
Lens: Canon 11-24 F/4L
Flashes: 2x AlienBee 1600