I have had a lot of people ask me if this photo is real and the answer is, yes.  This is a 1960’s Rolleiflex view camera that still works and shoots 120 film.  I often shoot photos through it since it offers a different perspective on things that shooting directly at the subject can’t offer.  You have to look through the top of the camera which makes everything inside the viewfinder backwards.  Braden Ioi had been doing these ollie north back 180’s that were really sick down Cam’s drop.  I had gotten a few angles of it so I decided to pull out the Rollieflex and shoot action through it.  I often take peoples portraits through it but I had never shot any action through it.  I had to pre focus on the Rollieflex to where I thought Braden would be(towards the end of the flat rails.)  I also had 2 flashes set up to light Braden up so there was a lot to get right to make it work.  Luckily first try the focus was spot on and the flashes fired and we ended up with this photo that ran in the Roaming Oz story in issue 16.5.

Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV
Lens: Sigma 35mm F/1.4A
ISO: 100
Shutter: 1/1250
F-Stop: F/4.0
Lights: 2 Alienbee 1600