Had a chance to hang out and ride with Liquid Force cable ripper, Aaron Gunn, a couple times this week. He’s currently living in Orlando with the Teunissen brothers and taking laps at OWC on a daily basis. The kid is also really solid behind boat. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for him at this year’s Wake Park Triple Crown stops!

Thing about living in Orlando:
B: Living with my buds Brad & Cory
W: Not a lot of cables

Time of day:
B: Late afternoon for sure
W: Mornings

Cable Park:
B: CWC, Philippines
W: Deca Wake Park, Philippines

Trends in wake:
B: Small spins, big air, long grabs
W: Flipping off rails

Fast food option:
B: Chipotle
W: Mcdonalds

Feature at OWC:
B: Pool gap
W: Nessie

Movie you’ve seen recently:
B: Spider-Man 2
W: Bad neighbors

Tricks in wakeboarding right now:
B: Double mobes
W: Whirly tricks…

Way to pass time on a long flight:
B: Sleeping
W: Movies

Activity in the off-season:
B: Just chilling out with my girlfriend and my buddies
W: Working

Place you’ve ever ridden:
B: Philippines
W: Barcelona

Thing about being from Aus:
B: My home cable, Penrith
W: Not a lot of variety in terms of cables to ride