Women’s cable riding has made a massive push in the past couple years and Ang Schriber has been one of the ladies at the forefront of its progression. She has traveled the world the past few years with longtime boyfriend and fellow pro Matty Hasler. Together they have ridden almost every cable park you could name from the USA, Australia, China, Europe and Southeast Asia.  Photos: Bradlee Rutledge

Traveling the world with your boyfriend:
B: It’s such an amazing experience to have the ability to explore so many wake parks around the world. No wake park is truly the same and we really do feed off each other’s energy both on and off the water. We’re always on an adventure and it’s always a lot of fun
W: He always wants to drive

Grabbing on rails:
B: Everyone has their own style. When it’s grabbed in the right spot it can look very stylish. I like the way Daniel Grant grabs on rails
W: When you don’t grab your rail properly

I think it’s safe to say Ang has style on rails.

Cable Park:
B: Thai Wake Park
W: When a cable park has no rails or kickers and/or cable system runs slow

Women’s rail riding:
B: We are seeing a lot more rad videos from the ladies each year, especially when we see how many girls are so amped to ride. Women’s rail riding has definitely come a long way, which is so fantastic to see, and will continue to progress each year. Girls are inspiring other girls to ride and film
W: The number of girls appearing at each tour stop is not consistent due to lack of funding, recognition and publicity. The girls really give it all they have and some of the tricks being attempted are truly amazing.

B: Mangosteen
W: Persimmon

Not living in one place:
B: I know how to live out of my wakeboard bag.  I am so fortunate to have such great sponsors that allow me to travel the world and experience so many amazing cuisines and cultures.
W: Really knowing how to live out of your wakeboard bag can be frustrating sometimes.  I am always having to constantly pack and unpack my bag.

Way to pass time on a long flight:
B: I enjoy chilling out on the plane watching movies I haven’t seen and reading a book.
W: Stuck next to people who don’t move the whole flight and thinking of ingenious ways to jump over them…

Offseason activity:
B: Surfing or snowboarding
W: Not being near the ocean

Contest you’ve ridden:
B: Terminus Wake Park Triple Crown – World Series stop last year – the vibe and atmosphere was amazing.
W: China World Cup two years ago. It was so awesome to get invited however I came dead last and was the only one that came back home with no prize money as I was the one person in the female category that missed out from the cutoff.

Hype music:
B: Swollen Members, Biggie Smalls, Wiz Khalifa and DVBBS
W: Country music