Early, foggy mornings in the hood..  Photos: Cortese

Thing about living in the hood:

B: The lake and all the awesome people that live on it

W: Occasionally you hear a couple rounds getting unloaded

Time of day to ride:

B: Morning

W: Weekends

Having a southern accent:

B: It made for a really good joe dirt at halloween

W: I come off as a hillbilly

Trends in wakeboarding right now:

B: WakeZeach   

W: A narrow narrow stance. 😉

Hitting Double ups:

B: Getting booted a lot higher than expected and still floating right into the purrrrfect transition

W: I’ve had some falls that made me feel like I had been in a car crash.

Way to pass time on a flight:

B: Drinking

W: Drinking

Country you have been to:

B: Indonesia

W: Singapore, I can’t say that I hate it but the rules and regulations there are insane

Hype music:

B: AC/DC   

W: That step beyond Rock and Roll where you get into the screamO

Fast food restaurant:

B: Easily Chick Fil A   

W: McDonalds