Thing about living in Orlando:
B: Lake Ronix! It’s a game changer for wakeboarding and the ideas flowing out there are just insane!
W: There’s no In-N-Out

Time of day:
B: Afternoons just before the crowd at Odub
W: Mornings, unless it involves riding.

Boat you’ve owned:
B: Nautique 220
W: An inflatable raft

Thing about riding with Dowdy:
B: He motivates you to go out there and try new things.
W: He makes you want to cry every time you watch him ride.

Trends in wake:
W: Not grabbing

Fast food option:
B: In-N-Out & Taco Bell
W: Burger King

Feature at OWC:
B: Silas pool gap
W: Nessy

Movie you’ve seen recently:
B: Bad Grandpa
W: The Counselor

Tricks in wakeboarding right now:
B: Big stuff into the flats with solid grabs
W: Fashion Air

Way to pass time on a long flight:
B: Put the headphones in and close the eyes
W: Reading a book

Activity in the off-season:
B: Surfing, mountain biking, golfing, or wakesurfing
W: Chess