Socks, T-shirt, headband… the new trend in wake fashion  Photo: Garrett Cortese

Fast food option:

Best: Chik-Fil-A

Worst: McDonald’s


Spot to grab on your board:

Best: Method or Japan air

Worst: Roast Beef


One of Robby’s favorite places to grab his wakeboard – the method. Photo: Garrett Cortese

Thing about being in a romantic relationship:

Best: I can watch romantic movies and pretend like I know what they’re talking about

Worst: Becoming poorer and poorer by the day


Trend in wakeboarding:

Best: New everything…. boats, tricks, cables, rails, riding styles, etc.

Worst: All the negative comments about people trying to do things differently and grow the sport


Feature at OWC:

Best: It’s close between the pool and Henshaw’s rail, depends on the day!

Worst: I wasn’t paying attention and fell when I hit a turn buoy once, so I’m gonna go with that!


Way to pass time on a long flight:

Best: Movies and sleep

Worst: Trying to do homework. It never gets done


Movie you’ve seen recently:

Best: Our Idiot Brother

Worst: Spring Breakers


Video game system:

Best: Xbox

Worst: Xbox


Song on your iPhone right now:

Best: “Palace” by A$AP Rocky

Worst: I don’t jam to any nonsense…


Double flip:

Best: Dowdy’s double roll to blind

Worst: An ungrabbed one


Thing about getting your driver’s license:

Best: Freedom! Being able to cruise wherever, whenever

Worst: My car smells like wet wakeboards with a strong hint of gasoline


Thing about riding with Dowdy on the reg:

Best: Being able to ride with one of the best dudes in wakeboarding and have him push you to be your best

Worst: Watching him go kill it and then riding right after… it’s a bit of a confidence killer, haha!


Robby, apparently working on his confidence… Photo: Garrett Cortese