Photo: Cortese

Thing about living in Orlando:

B: There are so many different lakes throughout the city making it easy and fun to go ride with different people everyday.

W: Too many people here wakeboard so when you do go to one of the 500 lakes you’re bound to be dealing with crowds


Time of day:

B: Late morning

W: Early morning


Boat you’ve owned:

B: My current boat, 2014 nautique G23

W: 1991 outboard chaparral
Trends in wake:

B: Double flips

W: Super narrow stances


Fast food option:

B: In n Out, wish they had one in Orlando though!!

W: White Castle


Feature at OWC:

B: Henshaw Rail

W: Nessy


Movie you’ve seen recently:

B: Wolf on Wall St

W: Anchor Man 2


Tricks in wakeboarding right now:

B: Dowdy’s plethora of double flips, kid is on another level

W: Overspinning or dancing on rails


Way to pass time on a long flight:

B: Sleep

W: Forgetting your headphones and all of your electronics having a dead battery
Activity in the off-season:

B: Golf

W: Training



Photo Cred: Billabong



Photo Cred: Nautiques