Wesley is known for creeping… on rails.  photo:  Garrett Cortese

Rail trend:
B: Slingshot Nomad
W: Dreadlocks(laughs) and mega wide stances

Off season activity:
B: Skateboarding with the crool guys
W: Wetsuits

Cable park:
B: CWC, VWC, Jibtopia. They are all so sick!
W: Trophy Lakes 🙁

Living at Jibtopia all summer:
B: Outdoor Showers and an amazing staff/park
W: Getting in trouble with Andy

Skinny Stance:
B: Having the most funs
W: Having the same stance as the rental boards

Skinny stances and style seem to go hand in hand. photo: Bradlee Rutledge

Grabbing on Rails:
B: Hard to make it look good
W: Losing fingers

Being so tall:
B:  Chicks dig it
W: Long flights are miserable

Crew to ride with:
B: STZ and Chucktown
W: Anyone is better than riding alone

Bar 119:
B:  Donuts in the parking lot in the SS and dancing with someone’s grandma
W:  Dragging Oli B from a brawl with 5 bouncers

Place you’ve ridden:
B: Flooded streets of Charleston
W: Behind a boat