The annual Ron Jon Surf Shop Beach ‘n Boards Fest went down this past weekend in Cocoa Beach, FL. Featuring a surf contest, beach volleyball, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, skateboarding, and of course, a wakeboard demo courtesy of Billabong and Nautique, the Beach ‘n Boards fest is fun for pretty much everybody on the planet. Because let’s be honest, if you’re not into one of the things just listed, you’re probably not on this website very often.

The Billabong crew consisted of Danny Harf, JD Webb, Brenton Priestley, Marc Rossiter, Cody Hesse, and Justin Tiech. While parking lot rail jam setups aren’t as common or popular as they once were, the guys did a great job of entertaining the crowd and putting on a great show. From big airs, to spraying whatever kids felt like standing in the “splash zone” as much as possible, to sweet giveaways – including some Byerly Boards setups; everybody had a good time. After each demo the crew would also host a belly flop contest in the pool, and there were more than a handful of event-goers willing to sacrifice it all for some free schwag.


Everybody loves free!


Custom Billabong G23 anyone?


What would a parking lot demo be without a raley? BTW, Justin Tiech has some serious trust in that winch…


A little late on the bird, BP…


Committed grom

This girl took the cake, though. 100% no flinching

This girl took the cake, though. 100% no flinching


Just another day at the beach for JD



Danny getting inverted for the crowd

Danny getting inverted for the crowd