Text and Photos by Danny Evans

A few weeks ago, the boys at Liquid Force called me up and wanted to see if I would be interested in towing the LF boat out to BROstock with Jimmy Watson (Shawn’s little brother).  Sounded like fun.  I mean, why fly to Arkansas when you can drive across the incredibly beautiful states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.  Two bros, one van, and 1700 miles of dirt and cactus – the journey to BRO has begun.

Let me start off by saying that Jimmy Watson is one badass road warrior.  This is his second time towing the LF boat across the country to BROstock (the first was the Virginia BROstock).  I think this kid drinks gasoline for breakfast.  After a very long night on the 4th, we met at the office early Monday the 5th.  We loaded up the box van with the exclusive Spy BROstock shades, New Era hats, Alliance magazines, and a bunch of Monsters to keep me and Jimmy awake on this 26 hour drive.  We left the foggy coast of Southern California and headed for the wide-open desert of Arizona.

One thing I have never really done before is stop at truck stops.  I just found out how awesome they are and I would recommend everyone do it when traveling.  You seriously see some weird sh*t in truck stops.  There were seriously like ten different people who wanted to take a picture in front of the boat.  We stoked them out with a bunch of stickers and Monsters.  Luckily, neither Jimmy or myself is Mexican so we were able to make it through Arizona without being harassed by their new immigration laws.  After day one, we ended up at the border of New Mexico and Texas and are about 1,000 miles closer to Bull Shoals, AR where we will eventually BRO-down for the entire weekend.

If you happen to see us driving, give us a wave.  If you are a hot chick, flag us down and we will pull over to give you a VIP tour of the bus.

Your Favorite BROS,

Dan and Jim