Boat Competition – Toe Jam Stop #1
Wake-To-Wake Action At The Projects

          16 riders competed today at The Projects outside of Orlando, Florida for the wake title at the Rockstar Rail Jam. The level of wakeskating was off the charts and the Nautique 210 delivered the perfect wake, with Robby Jacques at the control of the Zero-Off GPS speed control.
    Stuart Shinn started off the day with one of the more impressive runs, stomping a wake-to-wake shove, however he was unable to make it past the second round. Danny Hampson and Andrew Pastura were other standouts who didn’t advance.
The final four consisted of Reed Hansen, Nick Taylor, Brandon Thomas and Brian Grubb. Hansen and Taylor were able to hold off the veteran wake champions and advance into the head-to-head final.
    Taylor’s run was heavy with a toeside backside 180, backside 360, switch Madonna 180, switch 360, Benihanna, toeside 360 and a heelside stalefish late backside 180. Hansen came out and pulled a switch 360, regular 360, toeside backside 180, heelside backside 180, backside 360, flats 360 shove and kickflip, toeside 360 and a finger flip, pulled today for the first time in competition. He also just missed a 540 at the end of his second pass, then landed a shifty off the double up into the flats, riding away to his first-ever Toe Jam wake title.
    “I didn’t think I was going to ride that good,” Hansen said. “I was surprised that Grubb didn’t crush us all. The riding level has been stepped up a lot with the all the different variations. It’s an honor to compete at the Toe Jam on this level.”
    Saturday’s action will go back to The Projects park for the Rockstar Rail Jam Final where tomorrow two finalists will earn an invitation to the Byerly Toe Jam Series Final presented by O’Neill on September 18-20.

The Projects Wakeboard and Wakeskate Camp
19454 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32820

This stop of the Toe Jam is made possible with the help of Rockstar Energy Drink, Southeast Correct Craft, Air Nautiques, Sea-Doo, O’Neill, Nike 6.0, Liquid Force, and Arnette. For more info, go to

Toe Jam Tour 2008 Stop #1 – Boat Head-To-Head

Heat #1
1. Stuart Shinn – 80
2. Matt Hooker – 45

Heat #2
1. Brandon Thomas – 77
2. Ben Horan – 40

Heat #3
1. Reed Hansen – 90
2. Nick Harlos – 55

Heat #4
1. Brian Grubb – 85
2. Steve Campbell – 75

Heat #5
1. Clint Tompkins – 75
2. Danny Hampson – 70

Heat #6
1. Bret Little – 65
2. Enric Dosta – 30

Heat #7
1. Andrew Pastura – 70
2. Ryan Doyle – 40

Heat #8
1. Nick Taylor – 85
2. Ross Gardner – 50


Pro Men Finals Head-to-Head Bracket

Nick Taylor                        Reed Hansen
     Nick Taylor                Reed Hansen    
Stuart Shinn                            Andrew Pastura
         Reed Hansen             
         Nick Taylor        Reed Hansen        
Clint Tompkins                           Brandon Thomas
     Brian Grubb                  Brandon Thomas    
Brian Grubb                             Bret Little