Bobby B lost in the woods…

This weeks instagram photo contest features Bob Soven, aka Bobby B. Bobby B doesn’t instagram often, but when he does he drops hammers. Bob’s photo’s are here for you’re entertainment and voting pleasure.


Remember, Bob’s winning photo will move on to the top 5 final. So far in the final is Jimmy Lariche’s “Murray and the Bro’s” photo as seen below:



Bobby B’s Gallery: 


Michelle Gone Wild – Feet on fire is an annual barefoot event that is usually taken lightly. Drink booze and foot are the only two goals. My mom however has been barefooting for about 30 years and she found a way to make it serious. Goggles and all. She’s been barefooting longer than 99 percent of the FOF competitors have been alive.



Warm Hearted Killer – Most people know James Balzer as the sweet and sensitive father of River Balzer, but he’s actually one sick bastard who tortures little girls pet rabbits.



The Age Old Trade – I met Rachel at the Ft. Worth PWT event two years ago and I had “heard” she did some video’s, so we got to chatting, hit it off and have been friends since then. This year when I went back to Texas to compete she showed up and gave me a gift which just so happen to be a DVD. Now in this text she is demanding a video of me doing my profession in return. The exchange of professions is an age old trade.



Huckleberry’s Friends – Most weekends when the PWT is wrapping up and the rails are being pulled from the lake, I find find myself alone still lurking on the grounds. Yeah it’s sort of weird, but it’s the only time I can get a good instagram photo that Watson hasn’t already taken. It’s hard to beat a man who has a passion for only two things: Social Media and boobies. As for the pic, these Mississippi entrepreneurs had a hell of a vessel (two canoes bridged by 2 x 4’s to create one fine boat).



Slalom Buckets – I snapped this photo of Dizzle as he threw buckets up and down the lake during a Nautique “work day.” You can see a tremendous amount of power riveting from his plus sized back all the way down through the tip of his ski.



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