Riding for Body Glove has many perks; Scuba diving in Exotic locations, Surfing down in Mexico with their top pro surfers along with staff members of Transworld surf, and now for something related to our sport, shooting the first Body Glove Wake Team video. With a few fresh faces on the team (Bob Soven, James Balzer) the marketing crew at Body Glove decided to step it up in a big way. Greg Browning (producer of the Drive-Thru surf series which airs constantly on Fuel TV) will be heading up all of the video production with our good friend and Scuba master Scott Smith. On the water talent will include (but may not be limited to):


Rusty Malinoski

Jeff McKee

James Balzer

Daniel Doud

Bob Soven

Shelby Kantar

Aaron Aubrey


Our first in a series of trips to complete the video was to none other than the Parker River on the borders of California and Arizona. The Parker river is sort of like the r & d spot for Body Glove as well as a great place to ride (just as long as you don’t mind riding at 6:30 AM). Some of the finer features of this body of water include cliff jumping, Indian casino’s, and an enormous amount of sky skiers / foil boarders. One of the highlights of this trip was watching comedian’s Balzer and Bob Soven battle it out for the entertainer of the week award. From napkin eating contests to backyard wrestling, creative beer can opening techniques and more, there was always something to laugh at. Bob and I also battled it out for the best barefooter award and despite the fact that he beat me in a head to head match, I took three of the hardest barefoot falls in my career as a wanna’ be barefooter and I think that has some value in it. We also built a rail using some creative techniques and Balzer almost drowned at a winch spot…It was a lot to pack into one short trip…