“Box of Fun”

This video is brought to you with one purpose in mind. Bring the fun back to wakeboarding. Remember videos like 12 Honkeys and pointless’s incomplete. They had that good time feel. “Box of Fun”  will bring the good times back once again in the fall of 2008. Watch some of the most stylish wakeboarders around shred the gnar like the gnar has never been shredded before. Mix that with skits, real life humor caught on tape, clay animations, and whatever the heck else we think up and your bound to be on the edge of your seat or rolling on the ground with laughter.  Join our group of friends as we take you for a ride through the last 2 years of our lives. You won’t be disappointed.

-Collin Harrington

Collin Harrington
Shane Bonifay
Clay Fletcher
Kevin Henshaw
Erik Ruck
Chris O’shea
Shawn Watson
and other stylish favorites.