Adam Fields takes home the bacon

Brostock 2011 went off yesterday bigger than ever before at Bull Shoals, Arkansas. Hundreds of boats and more party-people than we could ever possible count motored up, tied together, and created the biggest wake party of the year. The turnout was amazing and the riders made sure to give them a good show. From start to finish the riders were laying it all on the line trying to get hold of the $13,000 first place prize. The format this year was the same as last year’s. In every heat each rider would get three double ups: one left, one right, and one of his choice. The best trick would be scored per round. Should a rider advance he would not be allowed to repeat a trick in a later round. This way the riders had to use a little strategy to make it through the contest, it proved that a rider was more than a “one trick pony”, and it gave the crowd a little more something to watch and be entertained by.

The first round featured five heats with four riders in each heat. The top two riders from each heat would advance to the second round. Due to some technical difficulties though, the second round went from being a ten-man semifinal to a ten-man final. The riders who made the final were:

  • Steel Lafferty
  • Bob Soven
  • Daniel Powers
  • Shawn Watson
  • Rusty Malinoski
  • Phil Soven
  • Harley Clifford
  • Chris O’Shea
  • Adam Fields
  • Danny Harf

In the end it came down to a literal rematch from last year’s final. Adam Fields laid down a huge, grabbed, slim chance 540. Last year that netted him second place. Danny Harf countered with a grabbed toeside backside 7 of his own. Last year that gave Danny his second Brostock title in a row. This year, however, it would not give him the three-peat. Danny’s toe 7 wasn’t as big or as cleanly grabbed as Adam’s slim 5, so the judges this year gave Adam the nod and he walked away $13,000 richer.

In typical Brostock fashion, the party rocked on through the rest of the night, capping off what will go down as one of the biggest and best Brostock events ever. Stay tuned for tons of video coverage from the craziness at Bull Shoals… and get ready for Bro2012…