Roomates Langley and Lariche getting ready to tee off at the Monster hole. 

We did it. We made it to brostock and are relatively unharmed. Corey lost his clothes in the woods, Jeff slid the road with his back, and Russell landed a babe. The games are only beginning on what is sure to be one of the greatest weekends of the year and it’s all happening at the Lake of the Ozarks. All of the top athletes have made it here for their chance to take home some serious cash in Saturday’s double up contest and to prove that they are the absolute best vacationer the industry has ever known. Watson has already staked claim on the monster babes and Liquid Force’s bar tab has hit quadruple digits.

Day 1 was spent traveling and getting settled here at the Tan-Tar-A resort, followed by a BBQ / meet and greet with Performance Marine Watersports. Bob Soven got stabbed in the calf with a blow dart later on in the evening, and Rusty Manoff found a roach in his beard.

Day 2 was spent on the golf coarse for Liquid Force’s charity golf tournament. 2 pro’s were paired up with 4 bro’s/Joes/Janes for a 9 hole best ball round. Shots, das boots, shotguns, and monster rehab drinks were all on the menu along with happy gilmore tee offs, long drives, and more. Henshaw and Mike Ennen did more spins in their golf cart than Harley will likey do on his board this weekend, plus one accidental flip at the end. There was 1 incident that involved male nudity and 2 incidents that involved athletes falling off golf carts onto the concrete road.


Check back soon for updates on days  3 and 4.