The tenth annual BROstock kicked off today in another epic fashion. For the fourth time BROstock the fun began with the charity golf tournament at Tan-Tar-A Resort, an event that has become one of the most fun aspects of the entire Bro experience. Fans from all over were paired with some of the best riders in the world and the shenanigans ensued for nine holes of hilarity. Some carts might have been banged up, some Not Beers were definitely consumed, and a good time was had by all. As always there was a different adventure/task awaiting each group of golfers at every hole. The team from State of Mind made golfers at their hole tee off with a Louisville Slugger, while the Alliance bros made any golfer who missed the green at their par 3 do a “shoey”… The highlight of the day though belonged to the one-and-only BROstock veteran Jimmy LaRiche who managed to double eagle a par 5 with a shot from about 150 yards out. It was probably the most epic shot in the history of the charity tournament.


Following the tournament all the riders and fans gathered at the Nauti Fish bar and restaurant to have a little kickoff party and choose the riding order for the contest. Bob Soven, Jimmy LaRiche, Steel Lafferty and Adam Fields represented the four heats of riders and drew names to see who they would be riding against on Friday. Here’s how the names shook out.
Heat 1
Adam Errington
Brenton Priestley
Shane Bonifay
Bob Soven
Heat 2
JD Webb
Stephen Pierce
Tom Fooshee
Jimmy LaRiche
Heat 3
Jeff Langley
Danny Harf
Randall Harris
Steel Lafferty
Heat 4
Harley Clifford
Danny Hampson
Dean Smith
Adam Fields
The contest kicks off at 2:00 local time outside of Captain Ron’s on Lake of the Ozarks. Be sure to come check it out and join in on the fun. The debauchery will be starting much earlier than that. Stay tuned to for coverage of the entire weekend, and if you can’t be here, watch everything live at That’s right, we’re live streaming this year… hopefully the FCC doesn’t mind…