In an amazing final that included a huge Pete Rose 540 from Adam Fields and perfect 900 from Adam Errington, BROstock 2010 had the best riding, water conditions and local support ever.

In running order, the final heat consisted of Nick Galotifiore, Adam Fields, Bob Soven, Adam Errington and Danny Harf. Nick led off with a Cab 540, then Adam Fields came off the dock and set the bar with a huge Pete 5 and a gigantic S Bend. Then in true BROstock and all-or-nothing fashion Bob Soven went out and attempted three 1080’s going down on all three, but the size and commitment was evident. Adam Errington up next stomped a 900 on his first hit then went 0 for 2 trying for a 1080. Finally Danny Harf went out as the sun began fade and fell on his first double up, landed his second but the boat was slow and he was offered a re-ride, on his re-ride he fell again, raising the tension on the dock and even leaving many fans believing that Adam Fields had clinched the $13,000 first place purse. Then the boat notified the dock that Danny had one more chance. As he has done at so many events, Danny excels in a pressure filled, all-or-nothing situation and he came back with a perfect toeside backside 720 sending the crowd into a frenzy and winning BROstock 2010.

Final Results

1 – Danny Harf
2 – Adam Fields
3 – Adam Errington
4 – Bob Soven
5 – Nick Galotifiore

As all of the athletes backed up their runs with beer bongs with their BROS we put the cap on the best BROstock ever.

Stay tuned for more photos and video in the next week and a full show on Fuel TV in the first week of September.

Round 1 Results

Heat 1
Shawn Watson – Wrap FS Mute 7
James Balzer – HS BS 540
Joey Bradley
Ricky G.

Heat 2
Nick Galotifiore – HS 9
Kevin Henshaw – HS BS 7
Ben Greenwood
Aaron Reed

Heat 3
Adam Fields – Slim Chance 5
Bob Soven – TS 9
Mikey Ennen
Phil Soven

Heat 4
Adam Errington – Indy Glide
Tom Fooshee – HS 7
Jimmy LaRiche
Keasen Suyderhoud

Heat 5
Danny Harf – TS Wrap BS 5 (and a 1080)
Gabe Lucas – Nose Grab Front Mobe
Chris O’Shea
Danny Hampson

Round 2 Head to Head
Heat 1
Bob Soven
Shawn Watson

Heat 2
Nick Galotifiore
Tom Fooshee

Heat 3
Adam Fields
James Balzer

Heat 4
Adam Errington
Gabe Lucas

Heat 5
Danny Harf
Kevin Henshaw