Brostock is now officially over which means: We have officially crowned a winner, house boats were used for much more that boating, people got naked, condiments were consumed, some mayhem was created, some police were agitated, someone lost their wallet and everyone had a really, really good time. We’re sure there is far more beyond this, but this is all we can gather at the moment as we make our escape back to reality. Is it always this bright outside? I sure hope not…

The bottom line is that BROstock at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri delivered for 2012. We spent the majority of days 3 and 4 floating in the cove between Liquid Force and GoPro’s house boats as the athletes dialed in the double ups and Aaron Grace’s hair disappeared from the stress of coordinating such an enormous and wild event. When it came time for action, 25 riders were given the chance to hit 3 double ups. 1 left, 1 right and a 3rd of their choice. The riders were judged on their best hit, but the catch was once they landed that trick, they weren’t allowed to use it in the next round. After nearly 120 double ups pulled behind the Axis A22, Adam Errington came out on top with a heelside 900, followed by Steel Lafferty and Rusty Malinoski placing 2nd and 3rd both with off axis backside 720’s.

Check out the photo gallery and stay tuned for some amazing video edits over the course of the next 8 weeks and for the full story and recap in the Aug/Sept issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.