Since the Brown Trout section has been removed from the pages Alliance Wake (because you can get all the news and press releases online and through Instagram these days), we figured we might as well do a roundup of sorts in case you missed any of the big pieces of news. Besides, what better way to start your Hump Day than with a bowl full of brown trout?

GoPro Pros
GoPro has added to their pro wake team with the additions of Bob Soven and Kevin Henshaw. Bob is currently on another one of his never-ending worldwide tours pretending to be a pro surfer while spreading his ginger-ish charm and over-the-top sarcasm to people who know next to nothing about wakeboarding. Kevin got back into the contest game at the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown this past weekend and as soon as he put on a bib started asking himself why. Later on he got in a pillow fight with Brenton Priestley and they went home to Area 52 to build new, cool stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.30.31 AM
Bob’s life isn’t real, everything he does is in front of a green screen

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.34.27 AM
Henshaw got hooked up…

O’Brien Officially Signs Gunner Daft
O’Brien just couldn’t get enough Gunner. With Gunnar Schuler on the team for several years now, O’Brien figured it would only be appropriate to add Gunner Daft. Here’s hoping there are misspellings and mixups for years to come (a-la Reef and Body Glove ads with Billy/Jeff McKee or any LF add that featured GregG Necrason).

“It’s Gunner, and don’t you forget it!”    Photo: Russell Spencer

Marc Kroon Joins Jobe
Marc Kroon is Dutch (that’s the Netherlands, not Denmark, for all you landlocked kids on dial-up) and Jobe is also in the Netherlands. So this is an international match made in Holland. Wait, what? Yeah you heard us. The Dutch are from the Netherlands, which is also referred to as Holland (the two biggest provinces of The Netherlands are North and South Holland, and the country often markets itself internationally as Holland). Consider yourselves geography experts now. And consider Marc and Jobe to be über stoked.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.18.36 AM
Marc’s method snapped by Tyler Soden

Red Bull Guest House Goess O-F-F in Miami
In case you haven’t followed social media in a week or so, you missed a bunch of your favorite pro wakers getting loose at Red Bull’s Guest House party thing. Apparently Red Bull likes to throw ragers during big music festivals and rent large compounds for their athletes to have a little fun. So much fun that even riders who ride for competing energy drink companies try to find ways onto the “guest list” of the “Guest House” and get a piece of the action. Massi stole the show though by dressing up as a life ring caterpillar and getting his groove on. Even Olympian Lolo Jones Instagrammed him… #winning

Photo Apr 01, 11 41 12 AM
Look at all this wake awesomeness. Steel got to hang out with Lolo Jones AND Reggie Bush! Good thing his sunglasses float! #damnhislifeissosick   Shane repping B-Rad FTW

Photo Apr 01, 11 40 35 AM
Massi made more people’s Instagram posts than we could count under the #RBGuestHouse hashtag… here are a few of our favorites from caterpillar man. Italians really do do it better 


In Other Red Bull News
2012 Alliance Rider of the Year and all-around badass Raph Derome and Red Bull have parted ways. Weird, right? Maybe it’s ’cause he wasn’t at the Guest House getting his glowsticks going.

In Misc Wake News
Aaron Rathy is purchasing property near Kevin Henshaw’s Area 52. Rumor has it he will name it Area 51 or 53, he hasn’t decided yet. The primary purpose of this property will be to hunt turkeys. Apparently he needs more feathers for his ears.

In Other Wake News
Wakesurfing is in the Olympics as the first motorized sport ever and Wakeboarding is back in the X-Games… Are you ready to get Xtreme?!?!


Happy April 1st from all of us at Alliance Wake. Remember Innuendo > Information…