1.) Whats your full name?
Gheraldine Cano

2.) When did you start wakesurfing and on what lake?
2006 a good friend in Argentina started to train me on the River Parana, in Rosario Argentina. After that he took me to Gabriela Diaz in El Tigre River in Buenos Aires, Argentina to train me for a month. I started amatuer competing 6 months later. In 2007, Sergio Guerra took me to the wake boarding school in Reyonosa Mexico where I trained from 2007-2010. I taught wakesurfing at the Rio Bravo Wakecamp School, in Reyonosa Mexico. I also competed (amatuer) and always placed 1st and 2nd.

3) What style board did you start on, Surf or Skim?
I started on a wake surf board. My favorite board was a 4’2″ by Liquid Force. However, I do like to skim board and wakeboard on sliders and jumps.

4) Is wakesurfing big in Mexico?
The sport is still new in Mexico, but bigger in Mexico than in the US.

5) What is your favorite maneuver?
I love the 360 but love to Freestyle.

6) Are you interested in competing here in the states?
YES! I would like to begin training and competing here in the US!!! I have been living in the US for 2 years, and because the sport is not very popular, I have not had any oppurtunities for equipment or a boat.

7) Who do you ride with wakesurfing?
Currently, I am looking for partners in the US.

8) You mentioned Dominic Legace. How do you know him?
I met Dominic when the pros came to the Rio Bravo Wakecamp in 2009 for a big competition. He stayed after the competion and trained some of us at the school. He liked my style, as it was very different from other girls, much more aggressive and fast 360. So he taught me how to slow it down, and surf higher on the wave.

9) Are you goofy stance or regular?

10) What do we plan to see from Gheraldine Cano in the future wakesurfing?
I would like to begin training and compete in the US and qualify for Pro status in the World Series Wake Surfing and one day win it!!!

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