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1) State your name age and where you’re from?
My new name as of this year is Vanessa Vincent formally Vanessa Gonzalez and I am 27 years young.

2) What trick have you been working on lately?
I have been working on different variation of shuvs and shuv combos. I am constantly working on getting better at switch riding and getting more air. These are harder things to do when you are finless so it takes more practice.

3) Are you more competitor or into making videos and shooting photos?
Well I never thought of myself as the competitor type until I was introduced into this sport. People in the wakesurf community make it easy to want to go to competitions. Great locations, great people, and such a great sport. I also like to take pictures and make videos for fun.

4) What are you riding?
I ride a extra small agent by Victoria Skimboards. The one I currently ride is my custom design which is pretty cool and I add my Agenda Surf pads of course.

5) Are you in school, if so what are you studying? I am not longer in school.
I work full time in the mortgage business. I love what I do but sometimes it is REALLLLLLLLY hard to be in my office instead of out on the boat on a beautiful sunny day.

6) Where have you wake surfed?
All over! Mexico, Seattle, Minneapolis, Florida, Nevada, Arizona just to name a few.

7) Whats your local riding spot & who is in your crew?
I wake surf in the Delta, Ca. My main crew would be my hubby Troy Vincent, Bri Chmel, Cole Kerby, Gabe Becerra, Ryan Fair.

8) When you ride does music play an important role, what do you listen to?
Music is a BIG time role in riding! Liquid Trends in San Jose sets me up with the best of the best. This is really important to me because good music & good sound carries over in my riding, my mood, and flow.

9) What are your goals in wakesurfing & who would you like to give a shout out to?
My goals for wake surfing are to keep progressing and being able to keep up with the other Pros in the sport. I am a baby to the sport compared to the people at the top of the podium and this keeps me on my toes. I would like to give a shout out to all the woman wake surfers out there. If you love this sport then keep on practicing and just start showing up to competitions! We need more ladies in the sport and don’t be afraid to start from the bottom and work your way up.

10) Who are your sponsors?
Centurion Boats, California Marine Sports, Liquid Trends, Victoria Skim boards, Agenda Surf pads, Bomber eyewear (they float),, twisted candi bikini, O’Neill Girls, and of course my Photographer Hil Muller. 🙂

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