Today we are covering how to install your wakesurfboard fin for your 101. If you are new to the sport of wakesurfing you will realize the boards are contructed of different materials then say your wakeboard, water ski, kneeboard, or bodyboard. So today we cover the installation of those things that guide you on these boards called “The Fin”. They are a simple intallation process. But even for some easy is hard and can ruin a new board before even hitting the water. So really study these steps to make life fun and not bring on a bad day. So lets get started and I will guide you to make easy.. easy. 🙂  

Step 1: Collect your materials together. Fin, Board, Fin Key. Take note of the photo bellow so you know you got all the necessary parts of this equation for set up.


Step 2: Now locate the fin box on the wakesurfboard and inspect its design. In this case we are dealing with a Futures Fin box set up. We must inspect in this step to make sure nothing is inside the box. Before we move on to the next step.



Step 3: Now that we have inspected the fin box we will inspect the fin design. Notice in the picture with the fin there is a notch at the back of the fin. This is what holds the back of the fin in the box. With installing this type fin system the first part you will slide into the box is this back portion of the fin with the notch. Once its in place and locked into position in the back you will then slide the front portion of the fin in a down ward push. Note: “Do not push to hard as it could break the box”.  If it’s a tight fit “The Fin” take sand paper to the sides of the fin where it will slide into the box to grind it down a little. This usually will solve the tight fit, and the fin should slide in easy into position.


Step 4: We are now on the final step. This is not rocket science. We just are installing fins.  As simple as it may sound some may use force unnecessary and ruin the board before even hitting water. So read/study these simple steps closely I am talking about. They are really important! So at this point with our last step your fin should look like this in the picture below sitting in the fin box. Flush with the bottom of the box installed properly. Now go ahead and tighten the screw turning the fin key in the picture clock wise. At this point you will feel it snug up to the fin, and when you do feel it snug up to the fin, just turn the key an extra 1/4 more to make sure the fin is secured in the box. Awesome! Your now a professional fin intaller and when confronted with this dilemma with another friend. You too can now step up and show them the ropes of a professional wakesurfer. For you don’t have to be a pro to install a fin.  Just need to know the simple easy steps of installation . Good luck on your wakesurfing journey and I hope this was informative -JS