Louisiana has always been a hot spot for wakeboarding. The Louisiana Wakeboarding community has spent several years trying to organize locals into a group that would ultimately benefit riders of all skill levels. New for 2011, the Louisiana Wakeboarding community presents the La Collegiate Wake Tour (LCWT). The tour will consist of 2 stops this spring: Baton Rouge – April 2nd and Monroe – April 16th. LCWT will use the best possible format for schools of any size to compete in. The annual LCWT will consist of 4 stops total, 2 in fall and 2 in spring. The 2011 tour is set to kick off on April 2nd in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The LCWT rider format will be bring what you have. Everyone will ride if they wish to. The divisions will be beginner, intermediate, advanced, open, girls, and skate. Teams will not be required to have a certain number of girls, skaters, etc. Each team can bring any combination of riders they wish. There will be no limit to the number of riders each team can bring. Scores will be based off of individual riding then added to the team score. Each division has a multiplier: beginner is x1, intermediate x1.5, skate and girls x2, advanced x2.5, and open x3. Example: if your team has an intermediate rider his/her score will be multiplied by 1.5, then his/her multiplied score will be added to the team score. Small prizes will be awarded to each individual that places 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Each tour stop will have a 1st and 2nd place team winner. Team points will carry from stop to stop, points earned at the first stop will be carried over to the next 2 stops and so on. The carried over points will not count to determine the stop winner but will be totaled after all stops to determine the tour winner. Prizes will be awarded to stop winners and a larger prize will be awarded to the tour winner.

Insurance will be provided by USA Waterski. ALL riders must have a USA Waterski membership card. FOR 2011 USA GRASSROOTS EVENTS WILL HAVE FREE CARDS. USA Waterski insurance cards normally cost $40 a year; cards provide each rider with additional insurance.

The team fee for the entire tour is $100, individual fees for each tour stop is $10. Money collected from team fees and individual fees will be used for boat fuel, any extra will be divided equally among teams.

Every team needs to submit a list of riders that will be participating. Not all members are required to ride at each event. If a rider is not on the list, they will not be allowed to ride at any event until the next year. Add as many members as you please; it will not cost to submit their name. Please submit names and divisions to Nick McDonald at swampsports@yahoo.com by March 21, 2011. After your list is submitted, you’ll receive an email from Nick with all information concerning the LCWT.

The LCWT spring tour is a trial run for each team to get an idea of how the tour will run. LCWT will move into full swing starting this fall. All entry fees will stay the same unless otherwise noted. Tour stops can only take place in Louisiana however any state can compete. Camping may be allowed depending on location. There will be after parties for each event (some may be 21 and up but if at all possible they will be 18 and up). 2011’s Safety will be Ory Comeaux, if you are interested in becoming a safety for the LCWT please contact Nick McDonald at swampsports@yahoo.com.

We are currently seeking sponsors. LWCT will accept any donation; donations must be approved by Nick McDonald or Megan Louviere. Value of donations will be used to determine the level of sponsorship. Boat, energy drink and board sponsors will be primary sponsorships. Boat sponsors will need to provide a boat to use at tournament stops (except Baton Rogue, boat can be used as display only). Energy drink sponsors will need to provide product. Board sponsors will need to provide a board to raffle (money made from each raffle will be used for team prize money), along with other goods or product for prizes.

Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Megan Louviere at melouviere@gmail.com or Nick McDonlad at swampsports@yahoo.com to discuss potential partnerships.