After Seven Weeks of Qualifying Events, 270 Riders on Teams from 10 different parks have qualified for the 2011  National Points Championships.

This year this event will take place during the same time span as Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. Surf Expo runs from Thur-Sat while Championship qualifying rounds will be held at McCormick’s just 45min down I-4 in Seffner, Florida. Finals will be Sunday the day after Surf Expo finishes up!

On Saturday Night after Expo has finished McCormick’s will be hosting a structure only comp. Registration will take place the week prior to the event and Every 2 tower or full size park is encouraged to enter a team for this event. Because of the head-2-head format only 16 teams will be available to enter. If any park would like to reserve a spot please send an email to The structure only event will pit park teams of 3 wakeboarders and a wakeskater against each other simultaneously. Best team moves on! Talk to your park owners and managers to see if they will sponsor your team for the first event of it’s kind. The team registration fee is $125 and 100% of the entry money will be given back to the top teams.

Sunday the finals will take place which makes it convenient for teams and park managers coming to Florida for both Surf Expo and the Championship event.  This event will shatter last years record for the largest cable event in the United States. Because of the scheduling we hope fans from around the world will come out to see the action on the back end of their trip top Florida. The 2011 championship expects to be a much closer race than last year in the inaugural season. In 2010 Texas Ski Ranch dominated at their home park. This year the four Florida teams will not have to travel across the country and will also be better prepared for the event. Obviously, there is a home course advantage as riders are familiar with the layout of sliders and kickers. At McCormick’s, the advantage becomes even greater because they are one of only two cables in the country that rotates clockwise. Riders generally prefer to do air tricks to the outside of the cable, which is the opposite when the cable runs in the opposite direction. McCormick’s was able to overcome this disadvantage last year to finish second in the team scores. 2011 Will turn the tables and give the advantage to not only Team McCormick’s, but all four Florida parks.

For more information about the event please log onto:
For info on being a partner of the 2011 event please contact or Michael McCormick

Qualified Riders: (Top 5 overall series riders qualified but only the top 3 count towards team scoring)

Texas Ski Ranch – New Braunfels, Texas
<> Pro Wakeboard:  Cody Johnson, Kyle Cameron, Hunter Hanson, Sam Scoggins, Tom Fooshee
Pro Wakeskate:  Bret Little, Matt Davidson, Collin Gee, Ryker Simmons, John Phillips
Advanced Wakeboard:  Drew Lehman, Colton Moran, Josh Thurman, Emmit Hall, Ryan Jones
Intermediate Wakeboard:  Jay Svoda, Sam Wilkinson, Forrest Hess, Taylor Irby, Michael Simmons
Beginner Wakeboard: Kara Dias, Carrie Woodard, Cam Stone, Max Dorrestijn, Ali Banks
WakeSki (Exhibition Event):  Dan Olson, Bradley Satterlee, Garrett Pruse, Andy Baker, Jade Whirley
Amateur Wakeskate (Exhibition Event): Mason Markwardt, Taylor Irby, Max Bialick, Tyler Somer, Jake Bohan

McCormicks – Tampa, Florida
<> Pro Wakeboard: andrew proses, aaron able, chandler powell, billy parker, jon dickey
Pro Wakeskate: travis belsito, chris pate, andrew fortenberry, Kyle McCutcheon, Hunter Hawkinberry
Advanced Wakeboard: danny sardegna, sean carmichael, justin worrell, kyle mccutcheon, chris tosi
Intermediate Wakeboard: paul goodhead, devon soldano, mike reponen, will olliff, Bobby Barnes
Beginner Wakeboard: jessi aubochon, alicia halpern, dennis bulin, tiffany shchroder, michael nason
WakeSki (Exhibition Event): travis bouley, justin pruse
Amateur Wakeskate (Exhibition Event): dan obrien, aaron able, clark anderson, bill parker, jessi aubuchon

OWC – Orlando, Florida
<> Pro Wakeboard: Nick Kamper, Gordy Cottrell, Austin Hair, Ian Smith, Julian Cohen
Pro Wakeskate: Matt Merriman, Jordan Jarvis, David Maus
Advanced Wakeboard: Robby Holihan, Yonel Cohen, Keenan Allen, R.J. Murphy, Jason Soven
Intermediate Wakeboard: Davis Havens, Mitchell Allen, Daniel Haddad, Tim Jackson, Jake Pelot
Beginner Wakeboard: John Dreiling, Tyler Worrall, Christopher Azuaje, Brian Lantigua, Austin Smothers
WakeSki (Exhibition Event): Pete Kuhlman, Dave Vogt, Brian Robbins, Ryan Jones, Jens Johnsrud
Amateur Wakeskate (Exhibition Event): Will Daniel, Jeff Grundhoefer, Sal Fiedler, Mitchell Allen

SKI RIXEN – Deerfield Beach, Florida
<> Pro Wakeboard: Campbell Smith, Nick Robinson, Marc Shuster, Domenic Carucci, Diego Shaw
Pro Wakeskate: Nick Robinson, Nathan Schneider, Austin Buchannon, Preston Miller
Advanced Wakeboard: Danny Geaney, Blaine Buchanan, Louie Moore, Troy Wynne, Sean Reyngoudt
Intermediate Wakeboard: Chris Kennedy, Tracy Baynham, Jason Rich, Chelsea Foy, Jordan Schlosser
Beginner Wakeboard: Kurt Sibrava, Max Blakesberg, Kody Gamperl, Shima Amini, Randy Davis
Amateur Wakeskate (Exhibition Event): Darren Fortin, Jamie Foy, Anthony Shaff, James Giosmas, Alex Ruggieri

Revolution – Fort Myers, Florida
<> Pro Wakeboard: Chad Forrest, Josh Wright, Kevin Wipplinger, Trevor Mace, Dustin Smith
Pro Wakeskate: Beau Brown, Jamil Mashie, Matthew Engel, Bryce Besse, AJ Price
Advanced Wakeboard: Adam Richard, George Petrillo, Cory Baker, Andris Ezerins, AJ Price
Intermediate Wakeboard: Chris Bidzinski, Chris Wamble, Beau Brown, Vince DeJesus, Walter Schacht
Beginner Wakeboard: David Bruce, Ionna Goncea, DJ Gibbs, Josh Krakow, Charles Notter

KCW – Kansas City, Kansas <> Pro Wakeboard: Ryan Sanders
Pro Wakeskate: Collin Haas, Brad Arnold, Austin Cira, Colby Minch
Advanced Wakeboard: Juan Narvaez, Colby Mnich, Bryan Perez, Austin Circa, Ian Oldenburger
Intermediate Wakeboard: Daniel Springer, Max Pierson, Ryan Preston, Chris Jones, Shane Stone
Beginner Wakeboard: Joel House, Andrew Willman, Derek Berry, Sam Preston, Carly Hoover
Amateur Wakeskate (Exhibition Event): Sean Hollonbeck, Chris Jones, Justin Smith, Brent Arnold

Wake Zone – Guthrie, Oklahoma
<> Pro Wakeboard: Taylor Kress, Ro Jones, Colt Leonard, Matt McCaleb
Pro Wakeskate: Dylan Branch, Nate Champeau, Zach Sparks, Gunner Daft, Sam Morton
Advanced Wakeboard: Dylan Branch, Steven Waddle, Sam Morton, Austin Zielinski, Gunner Daft
Intermediate Wakeboard: Austin Shuford, Greg Branch, Michael Long, Garrett Skeen, Nick Wright
Beginner Wakeboard: Devin Turner, Brady Patry, Chris Hackler, Jakob Smith, Ryan Reece
Amateur Wakeskate (Exhibition Event): Stephen Waddle, Austin Shuford, Ryan Reece, Weston Cooper, Nick Wright

Wake Nation – Houston, Texas <>
Pro Wakeboard: Erik Nikstad, Eric Deegan, Brad Mason(if not going for TSR), Denver Jordan
Pro Wakeskate: Sam Moser, Ty Morlang, Zach Roede, James Bertram, Tyler Figol
Advanced Wakeboard: Cody Johnson, Kyle Deubner, Lance Stevens, Luke Becker, Zach Roede
Intermediate Wakeboard: Michael “gator” Boone, Cole Clements, Jason White, Aaron Snow, Eric Westergren
Beginner Wakeboard: Zach Pavlich, Tommy Hohl, Alex Travis, Buster Propes

Cowtown – Fort Worth, Texas
<> Pro Wakeboard: Keith Holley
Advanced Wakeboard: John Deere, Caleb Kaker, Reid Paxton, Thomas Purgett, Jordan Sudberry
Intermediate Wakeboard: Fallon Keeter, Keegan Hibbs, Nick Purgett, Michael Simmons, Trey Fambrough
Beginner Wakeboard: peter salo, gunner Countrey, taryn Fambrough, tristin Fambrough
Amateur Wakeskate (Exhibition Event): Kyle Wedgeworth, Matt King, Jared Simpson, John Deere, Michael Simmons

Wake Nation – Cincinnati, Ohio
<> Pro Wakeboard: cole robinson, mickey blum, graeme burress
Pro Wakeskate: james lambert, ames schneider
Advanced Wakeboard: zack novak, pierce, tom bergman, alex ranz, andrew wendling
Intermediate Wakeboard: guenther oka, nick brown, joseph delworth, jonathan league
Beginner Wakeboard: christy blum, delanie parker, ben brown