Check-In for all athletes will be on site (details listed below). All athletes are encouraged to check-in the night before they ride. If you do not check-in with us that night, you MUST be on-site at least one hour before the posted time for your division to begin with Event Registration and Current 2016 WWA Membership COMPLETED.

Click here for the daily schedule
with times.

Check-in Location:

Ambush Board Co.
2555 Cobb Pl Ln NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Check-in Times:
Tuesday, July 26th 5-8 PM
Thursday, July 27th 5-8 PM
Wednesday, July 28th 5-8 PM


Dallas Landing Park
5120 Allatoona Dr, Acworth, GA 30101

Check-in Times:
One hour before your posted division start time


WAKESKATE DIVISIONS: Will have 3 Falls (2 Pickups)

Pro Men’s Division:
4 tricks per pass in all rounds
2 Falls (1 Pickup)
24 Man Quarterfinals
16 Man Semifinals
8 Man Final with 1 Run