The 4-1-1 Rail Jam proves to be Jacksonville’s biggest and most demanding rail jam event the area has seen.

On April 11th, Pirate Wake & Skate hosted its’ 3rd ever rail event at Whitey’s Fish Camp in Orange Park, Florida. Riders from Alabama to Boca Raton and all the way from London England competed in a wakeboard and wakeskate head to head rail competition.

Whitey’s Fish Camp was the location of Pirate Wake & Skate’s first rail jam in the area, “The Pirate’s Gap”. This event was held last September and proved to be a successful event. After great reviews from riders and spectators we decided to add a second event in November, “The Thanks Jibbing Rail Jam”. Once again, another great rail jam with riders competing in a Jam style format. After the “Thanks Jibbing Rail Jam”, the 45’ table top rail was removed for the winter.

A few months ago Whitey’s Fish Camp and Pirate Wake & Skate decided it was time to kick off the season with another Rail Jam. This one took place on April 11th, and was accordingly named the “4-1-1 Rail Jam”. To make this event a bit more challenging the rail was extended to a 72’ and made into an up-flat-down-flat rail.

When the riders started to show up the day of the event descriptions of the rail were such as: “sweet sauce”, “sick gnar nasty”, “es muy bueno”, “it’s the sickest” and just plain “sick” as quoted by wakeboarder Daniel Powers. Also Slingshot Pro Rider Travis Propst added it was a SWEET!!!!! Rail (When you get a comment like that, you have to put it in the article.)

The riding started out great right off the bat with the wakeskaters. Up until the finals it was any ones game. The final wakeskate round consisted of Tyler Mangus (Pirate Wake & Skate, Oak Wakeskates, Motive Boardwear, Asbury Independent) , Aaron Perkins( Motive Boardwear), Danny Robins(Spy, Osiris) and Ian Forhan (Pirate Wake & Skate). 1st place went to Tyer Mangus, 2nd Danny Robins, and 3rd went to Aaron Perkins. Congrats Guys!!!!

Now the Wakeboarders were up and the competition was tough all day long. One little slip up could put you out of the running. The young bucks proved to be a force to be reckoned with. After 19 great riders were narrowed down to a four man final the pressure was on and the tides were getting super low. “Here’s where we needed a little intermission to dig the start up trench a bit.”

….And back to the action,…..Wakeboard finals consisted of: Matt Raulerson, Nick Whitt(Ronix, Performance Ski & Surf, Mona Vie), Robby Holihan, and Daniel Powers(Jet Pilot, Liquid Force, Nike 6.0, Pro Tec, Straight Line). At 15 years of age, Daniel Powers took 1st, Matt Raulerson took 2nd, and Robby Holihan Took 3rd. Congrats to everyone!!!!

We’d like to thank Whitey’s Fish Camp, for being such a gracious host. If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out. Also like to thank Red Bull for supplying the entertainment and all our other sponsors: Motive Boardwear, K&G Construction, Oak Wakeskates, Asbury Independent, Ronix, Carmike Cinemas,, and all the helping hands that made it possible. The 4-1-1 wasn’t our first event and it won’t be our last. Until the next one, prepare to be BOARDED!!!!!!!!! Pirate Wake & Skate