Wakeboard, waterski and jet pack all for a good cause. Local water-skiers and wakeboarders bridge the gap and compete in a sport completely outside their comfort zone uniting the Colorado watersports community, in honor of the late Scott Barone…. amazing father, husband and Colorado water port enthusiast. This amazing charity event also gives back to an amputee watersports day giving those who would otherwise never have the chance to experience watersports, an amazing day on the water.

Greely, CO, July 29, 2017: This is such an amazing community event. The Bridge the Gap Tournament is a fun family wakeboard and waterski tournament in which the skiers also wakeboard and the wakeboarders also ski and truly “ Bridge the Gap” in watersports. This event was created in honor of the late Scott Barone who as a wakeboarder married into a competitive waterski family. His passion was to unite the watersports community no matter what watersport you were a part of. He sadly passed away at a young age in an accident leaving his wife, 3 children and an amazing family. The Colorado watersports community comes together each year to celebrate his honor and live his mission in the Bridge the Gap tournament. This year’s event is to be held at Madison Lake in Greely (727 E 27th St. Greely CO 80631), CO on Saturday July 29th from 8:00 am to our closing awards ceremony and celebration. Multiple sponsors come together to make this event a success. This year’s event will also include a special intermission jet pack flight by Apollo Flight Labs and exhibition ride from Pro Hyperlite Wakeboarder Rusty Malinoski.

The Bridge the Gap tournament is also a charity event that gives back to host an amazing amputee watersports day. The funds from Bridge the Gap all go to help host an amputee watersports day in August at Standley Lake in Westminster CO for children, wounded warriors and any amputee that would like to attend. It is truly a full circle from people who are blessed to have the opportunity, giving to those who otherwise might never have an opportunity to experience the joy and excitement that watersports can bring.