AGENDA Surf sets the standard for Wakesurf Traction and we set out to design a Universal Skim Pad set that would out perform stock traction pads and give riders custom options a performance look and pro level feel. The Universal Skim Pad uses our exclusive “Triple Traction” a Tri-Directional CNC machine cut groove pattern that creates amazing hold for any rider level. Integrated center Arch bars adds the extra hold that riders love. We also added a 20mm Kick tail ramp to help lock in for those big airs. Made in USA with the highest quality 3M Adhesives and available in Black,Pink,Yellow,Lime Green & Lt. Blue the 2014 Universal Skim Pad delivers traction upgrades any rider can appreciate.


• Universal Fit.
• “Triple Traction” Tri Directional CNC machine cut groove pattern.
• Integrated Archbars
• 20mm kick tail Ramp.
• 3M 468 Marine PSA Adhesive.
• Designed by Bri Chmel.
• Made In USA.

For more info check out: http://agendasurf.com/shop/wakesurf/complete-traction-sets/2015-deuce-pad-set-complete-set-triple-traction-custom.html