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Ranked third on the WWA World Series and over 15 years of wakeboard experience, yeah that’s right we’re talking about Austin Hair. Jobe happily let us know that they’ll continue to work together with Austin and extended his contract!

Being one of world’s best wakeboarders with his own pro model, the Jobe Maddox (, Austin is going in for his 5th season as a member of the International Jobe Boating team. Austin ‘’I’m super excited to extend my contract with Jobe again this year. 2015 is going to be awesome with a ton of new contests in the wakeboard boat scene. This is now my 5th season with Jobe and I couldn’t be happier. I love my pro model board, the Maddox and the graphics are sick this year. We went a little bit retro with it and did some earthy tones, taking a completely different direction than we took in the past. It’s awesome. The board is super-fast and poppy and it’s going to be sick to ride it this year.’’

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