Bow Lake Watersports (BLWS), located in the beautiful foothills of Skagit Valley, is now open for another summer of wakeboarding, water-skiing, fun family events, and making great memories with new friends. The formal opening day was Tuesday, May 1st.

Bow Lake Water Sports (BLWS) is a private lake, specially designed and constructed for every level of wakeboarding and water-skiing enthusiast. This year they are celebrating their 11th year of providing quality service and professional instructions for wakeboarding and water ski lessons, four day watersport camps, weekend getaways and more. BLWS, located just 60 miles North of Seattle, Washington in the beautiful Skagit Valley, announces their formal opening day for the 2012 watersports season was Tuesday, May 1st. People have already been coming out to enjoy the lake, warming up for a long summer of their favorite water sport.

“The great thing about Bow Lake is that we have opportunities for everyone, at all skill levels. You can bring the family for a day of sun bathing, boating, and water-ski or wakeboarding lessons, and then kick back and enjoy the lake and a BBQ later on. We also have a four day, all inclusive watersport camp that is really a once in a lifetime experience. I really think that all of the activities and events we have planned for this summer are going to make it the best one yet,” says Justin Huerter, manager for Bow Lake Watersports.

Bow Lake has taken on economic challenges, industry down turns, high gas prices, and Pacific North West weather patterns; yet manages to hang on because of their professional service and fun atmosphere they continue to provide. Every year they make new goals on bringing existing and new clientele to Bow Lake to share the fun, to create new memorable experiences, and to keep the water sport industry alive.

Allie Moodie, who is now 13 years old, has continued to come back to the four day watersport camp three times a summer for the last four years. She says, “It’s a great way to learn new water sports and all of the instructors are very helpful and patient! I’ve learned so many new sports at bow camp! It’s a fun atmosphere and a great place to try something new. Also, the lake is awesome, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer!”

Bow Lake even offers special events like ski weekends, at which they allow their clients to come up with ideas of how they can customize and specialize their time at Bow Lake Watersports. Some examples of these are the ever popular women’s weekends (women only), soccer team summer camps, and even bachelor parties.

“Bow Lake offers more than the opportunity to learn a new hobby or progress in a water sport; it’s a lifetime experience where our staff focuses on quality service in meeting our clientele’s goals while creating a fun and memorable experiences at the lake!” says Huerter.

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