A few years back the lives of Pro-Wakeboarder Brad Smeele (NZ)* and Wakeskater Matt Manzari (US)* dramatically changed forever. A lot of you probably heard about the traumatic accidents that happended to Brad and Matt roughly around the same time. Both of them suffered severe and life-threatening injuries and they have found themselves confronted with the biggest challenge of their lives: Fighting to get better, never loosing their faith and strength and sharing a positive and inspiring message with all of us.

For both of them wakebarding / wakeskating was more than just a sport – it was their lives. It’s highly unlikely that any of them will ever be able to wakeboard / wakeskate again, but still Brad and Matt are two of the most positive and influential role models of the sport and will forever have their place within the Wakeboard community. Their extremely positive attitude and strong will to fight and live with those traumatic injuries inspires and reaches people everywhere – also outside the world of wakeboarding.

We are still deeply affected by Brad’s and Matt’s fate and profundly impressed by the source of inspiration they have become for all of us.

We would like to invite them to this year’s Jever Fun Wake The Line powered by Nissan 2016 – therefore we need your help.

How? Simply by purchasing this item. With 1000 sold items we will be able to cover the expensive flights to Cologne and together with UNIT Parktech invite them to the event on the 28th of August.

In case we will not be able to sell all 1000 items, the whole amount will still be split equally between the two of them. Either way all your money be used 100% to support Brad and Matt.

By purchasing this item you will again have the opportunity to vote for your five favourite wakeboarders, to actively influence, who is going to be one of the 16 riders participating in the Jever Fun WAKE THE LINE powered by Nissan main event.

*Matt Manzari was severely injured when coming into contact with a hanging powerline while cutting trees. He suffered a 14 000 volt shock, giving him 4th and 5th degree burns all over his body even damaging muscle tissue. The doctors considered amputating both of his arms.

*Brad Smeele suffered a traumatic crash on his spine, shuttering his C4 vertebra, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down. The doctors say it’s very unlikely he will ever be able to walk again.