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 The world is burning down around us.. People are being evacuated from their homes.. There are crazy lines at the gas stations and traffic is backed up for miles on the freeways in every direction. People pretty much are freaking out!

  Meanwhile, I’m hanging out with an ear to ear smile on this epic Master Craft X10/Gen 2 Surf Sytem with some epic humans. Pretty much a random assortment of good friends, legends, and local Carlsbad characters. Legends like X Games Mega Ramp skater Jake Brown & his wife,  Alliancewakesurf Editor and Shaper/Legend Josh Sleigh, Ari Evan Gold the mad scientist and co-owner of Paradox griptape, Duran Barr son of renowned 80’s Pro Surfer David Barr whom is a pro surfer as well. We had internet sensation Poopies of the JOB 4.0 webseries along with a couple local shreddas Joey da Boy and The Dragon, few of my best homies and funniest dudes I know. With a full boat and full tank of gas we surfed in circles taking turns heckling and hooting each other and every now and then stopped to watch the multiple fires burning in almost every direction around us. Surreal would be an understatement as we were watching people’s dreams go up in smoke while we played on our wakesurfboards behind the boat. Yet what are we to do?  This is something we experience every few years here in Southern California. It’s like our earthquakes and other assorted natural occurances, we deal with it.  Of course it’s always a weird feeling of being stoked and worried at the same time. However the stoke usually outweighs the worry and us Californians keep on doing what we do, we have fun.
   As the fires burned an incredible amount of bushes and a few homes. We on the other hand had burned through a few hundred bucks in gas, burned every leg muscle in our body, and realized all we could do was nothing but have fun as we were sitting ducks at the winds mercy to the fires burning in every direction. Good thing the fires were east of us and we had no idea Josh was a sitting duck (his house). The guy kept his cool and kept an eye out east toward the fires saying occassionally.. You see right between those two smoke stacks? That’s where I live! You’d think the cat did not care or had nerves of steal. In all due reality we all knew he had no chance as his house was a giant kindle like the rest. By the end of the day we were not only burnt out, but we were literally being almost burnt out of our homes as we wakesurfed the whole day surrounded by deadly fires.  With one last hungry slash, tired and happy, we called it a day.  An epic day, with some epic humans – Josh Buran

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